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Conceive with confidence – no matter where you may be in your journey.

Because the baby you’ve always wanted, is waiting for you to make a change.

Do any of these conception-blocking thoughts sound familiar?

You feel angry, jealous, even envious, that your friend got pregnant, and wasn't even trying.
You feel so upset when you see a pregnant woman walk across the street, because it’s just one more reminder that you’re not pregnant.
The last place you want to be is at someone else’s baby shower.
You’ve secretly been avoiding other Moms from playgroup, because they’re already pregnant with their second child.
You want to give your only child more siblings; your first pregnancy came so easily. Now trying again has become so much more difficult because it’s taking longer than you ever expected.
You're so frustrated because the infertility doctor has no explanation of why you or your husband are having challenges with conceiving.
You're angry that you now need to do IUI or IVF, when all you wanted is a natural pregnancy with no drugs.
You’re stressed out about your growing financial burden because your insurance won't cover another round of IVF.
Your doctor just told you that you must lose weight to increase your odds.
Or your doctor told you that your biological clock is ticking, and your eggs are on the edge of being too old.
Or maybe you've just lost trust in your body's natural ability to conceive and you can't even imagine becoming pregnant, even though you so desperately want to.
You've had a few miscarriages and lost faith that you can even hold a pregnancy.
You always thought you’d have a baby of your own, but now it looks like you’ll have to consider other options, like donor eggs, donor sperm, other people's embryos, surrogate pregnancy, or possibly adoption.
Deep down, you don't want to feel this way, but you do. You just can't stop those feelings from coming up – but you're obsessed with them. It's all you can think about, over, and over again. And it’s exhausting.

For every yearning Mom-to-be who’s frustrated, cries herself to sleep, and desperately wants to become pregnant, energy healing and fertility coaching, may be your path to turning it all around.

The Fuel My Fertility Coaching Program empowers you. With 1:1 support, you’ll create and develop the foundational fertile mindset to helping you conceive with ease. You’ll receive modern-day, alternative, holistic energy healing and fertility coaching so you can renew the confidence and faith you once had.

We use methods like EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), also known as tapping, to lower or release anxiety and eliminate your constant, negative thoughts. You’ll experience powerful guided meditations, guided visualizations, and create unique affirmations that will help you to stay strong and positive while trying. You’ll also learn how to use self-hypnosis to assist you in keeping calm, relaxed, balanced and grounded.

Every great achievement begins in the mind. Learn how you can transform emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and yes, physically. Your body is the servant of your inner mind.

We believe you when you say that you are meant to have a baby. We help to connect you with your future baby now.