5 Myths of Hypnosis Busted and How It Can Support Your Conception Success

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January 27, 2017
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5 Myths of Hypnosis Busted and How It Can Support Your Conception Success

Hypnosis sounds like you’ll be put under a spell, doesn’t it?

I have to tell you, with all my experience as a hypnotherapist, there’s no reason to assume it’s scary. If you’re afraid of hypnosis, there’s a reason why, and it probably means you heard false information. It’s time to open up.

Open your mind.
Open your eyes.
Open your ears.
And your body to conception.

Most of these myths stem from Hollywood films where hypnotists are portrayed as having “power” over their subjects. On-stage hypnotism has lead people to think folks are being played with like a puppet. This is NOT true! I’m going to dispel the top five hypnosis myths. Read and be amazed.


Myth #1: You’re not in control.

Fact: Fear to lose control is the main reason people won’t allow themselves to be hypnotized, but if a person is comfortable with the process and the hypnotherapist, it’s easy.

Hypnotists aren’t palm readers, or psychics, or people with super powers.

Hypnosis is a state of consent, where the client is always in control. Not the hypnotist. They determine their own level of participation in the process.

A client allows the hypnotherapist to guide them into a state of relaxation, where thoughts and imagery are suggested based on the initial consultation and the goals the client wants to achieve. Throughout the process, a client can halt their state of physical relaxation and mental concentration at any time.


Myth #2: You’ll be programmed to do things against your will such as bark like a dog.

Fact: This assumption is also based on stage hypnotism. The truth is, these people volunteer to act on stage and participate in silly suggestions. Hypnotherapy is intended for self-development and self-empowerment, not entertainment.


Myth #3: You won’t remember your session.

Fact: You’ll be aware of everything that happens during and after your session. Hypnosis is not an unconscious state of sleep. However, clients may feel like they’re in a dreamy state.


Myth #4: Hypnotherapy won’t work on me.

Fact: Everything stems from your mindset. If you don’t believe hypnosis will work for you, it may not. If you believe it will work for you, it will. You must allow yourself to be guided into a hypnotic state.

While some people are more susceptible to hypnosis, the success of the session boils down to the person’s willingness to try. If you want to cooperate, you’ll be rewarded.


Myth #5: You’ll get stuck in hypnosis.

Fact: This is impossible. No one has ever been stuck in a hypnotic trance. Hypnosis is a relaxed state of awareness, which helps the client do things they want to do and stop doing things they want to abandon.

Hypnosis is one the most misunderstood psychological therapies out there. It’s a powerful tool to identify roadblocks and fears that may be preventing fertility like:

  • Working through emotional blocks
  • Releasing anxiety and fear
  • Reprogramming your mindset
  • Accessing the most positive state of mind

What to Expect in a Hypnotherapy Session with Dee

In your first session, you’ll share your goals and a little about yourself. I’ll explain how hypnosis works. You’ll be invited to make yourself comfortable, either sitting in a chair or lying on a couch.

I’ll guide you from consciousness into a calm and enjoyable hypnotic state. When you are deeply relaxed, we’ll do a personalized visualization exercise, specific for your needs, that reinforces thoughts of conception and making a positive impact on your subconscious mind. It will help to clear the clutter and negative feelings, making room to house more positive thoughts that in turn, will naturally align your mind and body to work in synchronicity. Please know that the whole time, you’re completely in control. Afterwards, you’ll feel relaxed and more confident about the ability to conceive.

All sessions can be conveniently conducted from the comfort of your home via phone, Skype, and Face Time, or in-person at my Little Silver, NJ office.

To learn more, schedule a free 30-minute consultation. Submit the contact form and I’ll be in touch.


With love & gratitude,