How Having a Fertile Mindset Creates a Fertile Body

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October 12, 2017
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How Having a Fertile Mindset Creates a Fertile Body

If you care about getting pregnant, you’ll want to care about your thoughts.


Is your mind ready to welcome a new baby?


It’s a basic question, and an important one.


50,000 thoughts swim in our mind each day. About 80% are negative. That means the thought “I can’t get pregnant” hits you over the head 40,000 times a day. With all of that inner traffic, it’s no wonder we lose belief in our dream to start a family.


People trying to conceive usually worry about:

– Money

– Can I even get pregnant?

– Jealousy of others getting pregnant naturally who aren’t trying

– Losing confidence in your body’s ability to conceive


What about deeper obstacles?


The first step on the spiritual journey of fertility is awareness. Start observing your thoughts, especially the ones that go around and around. Do any of these sound familiar?


“I’m too old to get pregnant.”


“Why did I wait so long to try?”


“Why did I focus on my career instead of a family?”


“So-and-so got pregnant naturally and I’ve been failing at this for YEARS.”


“I’m not healthy enough to conceive.”


“Oh, I’ll never get pregnant at this rate. Why bother?”


Jot down your thoughts and ask yourself, “Is this true? Where did this come from? How can I make it a positive thought?”


It’s important to look at your thoughts and feelings, because they create your beliefs. What you believe, you’ll achieve. If you believe you’re not healthy enough to conceive, it’ll firm up the belief and bad habits, which lead to negative outcomes. Be kind to yourself. Be aware of how you talk to yourself. By creating a fertile mindset, you’ll create a fertile body.


If you say to yourself, “I want to have a baby,” wanting indicates lack, therefore, you’re focusing on NOT being pregnant. Therefore, your mind is not supporting you to get pregnant.


If you tell yourself, “I’m creating an environment to welcome my new baby,” doesn’t that sound warm and inviting? You’re focusing on your desired outcome and aligning your mind, body and spirit.


How else can you support yourself emotionally during the fertility journey?


– Start a journal (Any thought that doesn’t make you feel good is a negative thought.)

Play the “What if” Game

– Tell yourself, “Wouldn’t it be nice … if this time I got pregnant?”

– Become a deliberate creator

Watch Abraham Hicks on YouTube


A lot of people don’t want to take responsibility of what’s showing up in their reality. It’s not so easy to change your mindset. It’s a practice. A fertile body is only a few good thoughts away.


With love & gratitude,