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The Fuel My Fertility Program

Make Your Dream of Conception Come True

The secret to getting pregnant is aligning your body with your mind to prime you for conceiving. If you only make physical changes and your mind is full of emotional turmoil that includes fear, jealousy, anxiety around losing faith in your body’s natural abilities, compounded with past disappointments of trying, or any other added stresses, then your conception efforts can become blocked.

This alternative and holistic program is for the frustrated, confused and unsatisfied. It’s part emotional healing, part energetic healing, and part spiritual healing. If you can’t stand one more day of not being pregnant and wished it happened months (even years!) ago, know support and help are here for you now.

The Fuel My Fertility Coaching Program

How would it feel to sit on the couch holding your baby this time next year? The Fuel My Fertility Coaching Program is the ultimate guide to conception in six weeks. It helps to align your mind and body to prepare you for a successful conception. I know firsthand how the power of EFT or tapping, guided meditations, guided visualizations, positive affirmations, and self-hypnosis processes can transform you into the person you are truly meant to be. Together, we’ll explore:

Session 1 – Letting Go of Fears, Anger, and Healing Your Past In session one, you’ll have a safe, nonjudgmental space to share what keeps you up at night. You’ll learn about EFT or tapping and together we’ll blast through your fears, anger and frustrations, as well as any past experiences that may still have a negative hold on you. And if any more blocks pop up after our session, you’ll have a tapping chart tool to help you to continue clearing them. You’ll also receive as a bonus a recorded meditation for relaxation and keeping calm.

Session 2 – Creating a Positive Mindset & Learning to Love Yourself In session two, you’ll learn how to use positive affirmations to prime your mind for conception and take control of your emotions and daily thoughts. We’ll work together to create your personal affirmations that are specific to your unique situation - affirmations that will help you mentally, emotionally, and spiritually transform. And if there are any negative thoughts that you may still have that don’t serve your highest good, we’ll work on those too.

Session 3 – Renewing Trust in Your Body In session three, you’ll learn to have trust in your body’s ability to conceive, whether you’re pursuing medically-assist methods, such as IUI or IVF, or trying naturally. You’ll experience a powerful, guided self-hypnosis recording of my Renewing Trust in My Body, which you can take home and listen to anywhere and at any time. Know that each time you listen to it, the more benefit you’ll receive.

Session 4 – Creating Your Unique Birth Path In session four, you’ll explore various birth paths that you can navigate. Together, we’ll discuss your options – whether it’s IUI, IVF, freezing eggs, sperm donor, or trying naturally. Whichever you choose as your own personal journey, we’ll create a support plan that puts you in a positive state-of-mind. Other unique fertility coaching processes will be introduced depending on which path you decide is best for you at this time.

Session 5 – Connecting with Your Spirit Baby In session five, you’ll learn about spirit babies. Bonding with your future baby increases your chances of getting pregnant (and in spiritual truth, you already are!). You’ll be lead through a guided meditation where you’ll invite your future baby into your heart and womb. You’ll start connecting and communicating with your spirit baby right now! You’ll also take home a recording of this meditation to help strengthen your connection and bonding.

Session 6 – Visualizing Your Future Self and Family In session six, you’ll become comfortable with seeing your body as fertile. You’ll be lead through a powerful guided visualization where you’ll meet your future self and family. You’ll experience in your mind’s eye your desired result that you are ultimately striving for - you must first see it or imagine it, to believe in it.

My bonus gift to you – receive an additional free coaching session after the completion of the Fuel My Fertility Coaching Program.

Each session is approximately 60 to 90 minutes. Sessions are conducted in-office, depending where you live, via phone, Skype or Facetime.

The 6-session program cost is $777

After payment is placed, you will receive an email to set up a session time that works best for you. If you would like a multi-payment plan, you can contact me to discuss. Just go to the Contact Page and send me an email.

Mind-Body-Spirit Fertility Coaching

Level 1: Foundational Balancing Session

In our first session together, I’ll learn more about your unique situation and you’ll understand more about fertility coaching and what it can do for you. In our private, 90-minute session, you’ll learn how to release your fears through a self-help technique called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), also known as Tapping. Here you’ll start to regain control of your emotions and beliefs about getting pregnant. Plus, you’ll be lead on a guided meditation that will help you to relax and stay calm that supports your efforts to conceiving. As a bonus, you’ll receive a recording of this meditation that you can listen to again and again, when you need it most. You must go there in the mind first.

We can meet in-person, depending on where you live, or have our session conveniently from the comfort of your home via phone, Skype, or FaceTime. After our initial session, you can decide if the Fuel My Fertility Coaching Program is right for you.
The single 90-minute session costs $188

After payment is placed, you will receive an email to set up a session time that works best for you.

Mind-Body-Spirit Fertility Coaching

Level 2: Follow-up Sessions

We never lose sight of the baby you want to hold in your arms. This session comes after your completion of the Level 1 Coaching Session. This is a private 60-minute session that continues to get you to where you want to be. We’ll work together on whatever your needs are at the time: from pre-conception mindset prepping, to handling stress over infertility treatments, to staying pregnant and carrying your baby full term, or helping you to rock Mom life. We can meet in-person, depending on where you live, or have our session conveniently from the comfort of your home via the phone, Skype, or FaceTime.

Sometimes it takes someone else’s vision to help strengthen your own. It would be my pleasure to guide you.

My bonus gift to you – Receive 1 free coaching session after the completion of 6 sessions

Each 60-minute session costs $122

After payment is placed, you will receive an email to set up a session time that works best for you.

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